Sunday, October 19, 2008

If it seems too good to be true; it probably is...or don't believe what you see on tv--Part 3

Anyway so I left it go, the talking about the ex but I did worry about the whole thing. Well then after a few months of what seemed like perfection, i mean if he was over everynight then maybe he really did like me. Then, he got stressed about this big case, which was normal but normal was that he would call and come over and we would talk. Well, he didn't return my calls, for days. And I got angry, maybe too angry. But he wouldn't call me back. He wouldn't return texts. So I got a little more than upset than I should have. However, since my break up with my ex over two years ago, I have very little tolerance for bullshit from men. Because they all seem to have it.

So, finally Friday, he calls and is like "I'm so depressed with this judge and this case..blah, blah, blah...I will call you back later but I think I need to stay home..." My bullshit level had hit an all time high at this point to I told him that if he didn't call back in an hour, the dog and I were coming over to get him out of this funk...Did he call back in an hour? No, of course not. So my little dog and I hopped in the car and drove over there. But did he come out to let us in? No, in fact he didn't answer the door bell or didn't answer my calls.

I sort of knew at this point, I went too far. I was acting crazy but my good guy friend, G said, I was not, I was acting like a concerned girlfriend and it was okay. But then he never called back all weekend and I just went to my parents house to hide.

But Monday I got myself up for work, sure it was all over. Even if it was not for him, it was for me and if he ever decided to talk to me again I was telling him to go. So I get an email from him saying how it killed it for him that I had such a crisis...And then a call...

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