Sunday, October 19, 2008

If it seems too good to be true; it probably is...or don't believe what you see on tv--Part 2

So, he didn't call back. I just sort of wrote him off. Then like three weeks later, I was bored on a Saturday afternoon, and for some reason sent a text to a bunch of people saying "hope you are having a fun weekend!" Twenty minutes later he wrote back. So we made plans to see a movie. Turns out, I said something on our last date that made him think it was a good idea not to return calls or calls. I told him I hated clingy men. Men who needed to be around all the time and had no life of their own. So he decided calling would be a bad thing. Looking back now, I don't think that was true at all, because not calling once or twice, is maybe believable but not calling for three weeks? Yeah not so much. But whatever, I liked him so I thought hey why not.

Things went well for a few weeks. He was over every night after work plus Saturday night and sometimes Sundays. He actually agreed to drive an hour to go to a friend's party with me and things were great. We went to Atlantic City for a weekend to see a comedian I loved who totally rips men most of the time. We were together every day. And we talked on the phone for an hour before seeing each other. He loved my dog and everything was just perfect.

Then he started talking about his ex wife. At first I thought she must have been evil with all the things he was saying about her. She didn't want to work out. He tried to take her shopping and all she did was look at the sale rack. She didn't believe in any sort of higher power. And she was always criticizing him. So I figured, man she must be horrible.

It was fine hearing about her but then him constantly talking about it got a little old. I mean, yes I told him about my ex but as far as constantly bringing him up, I knew it was just a bad thing to do in a relationship. But I let it slide figuring he was still mad at his divorce and I knew the feeling from my breakup.

But then the comments started with other stuff. First of all the not going to the gym thing. I understand if you don't want to work out. I do but some people do not. But he wanted her to go to the gym so she looked like what he wanted in a perfect woman. From what I gathered from this, thin. Although I don't think she was fat in the first place but then what do I know. But this hit home with me, hey does he think I'm fat? What he had told me at the beginning

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